Senior DBA

You will have at least 3 years hands on experience as an Oracle DBA in a Unix and or NT environment. We look for consulting, verbal and written communications skills, problem solving capabilities, product knowledge and professionalism.

You must present well in this position as you will be working directly with our clients on all levels. The people you deal with will range from System Operators and Users, right through to Managing Directors of medium to large organisations.

You will be able to use unix tools to resolve complex performance issues as well as administer Unix at sites that may not have a dedicated Unix System Administrator.

Your database backup/recovery and performance tuning skills will enable you to produce a detailed Capacity Planning and Backup/Recovery Strategy for a particular client.

A desirable skill is an affinity with the Oracle Applications and Manufacturing packages as a large portion of our clients utilise these products. We have positions for both Oracle and Bespoke Applications DBA's.

You will have the support of all of our DBA's and our Technical Director when and if you require it.

At times you will be expected to work after hours and over weekends for which you will be compensated by way of time in lieu or overtime payments.

To apply send you resume and a brief covering letter to

Professionalism, Experience and Knowledge working for you